University of Pannonia - Zalaegerszeg University Centre


Introducing the Zalaegerszeg University Centre


As of January 1, 2021, the Zalaegerszeg University Centre of the University of Pannonia was established.

Since 1 August, .2020, the Zalaegerszeg Faculty of Economics has been the only faculty of The University of Pannonia not based in Veszprém. Our earliest legal predecessor was the Zalaegerszeg Institute of the College of Finance and Accounting, founded in 1971, which played a major role in rural economics education. Today, we can meet many students who previously graduated from us among the leading economists of the profession.

The mechatronics engineer training provided by the Mechatronics Training and Research Institute has been available to students since 2002. Based on the industrial relations system of our training, the domestic and international embeddedness of our teaching and research specialists, and our experience gained during the dual training, we are able to offer high-quality training that meets the expectations of the labour market.

On 1 April, 2021, the Department of Information Systems and Applications was established under the professional supervision of the Faculty of Informatics. The main task of the department is to teach the IT subjects of the majors operating at the Zalaegerszeg University Centre, participate in the implementation of R+D projects coordinated by the Centre, and participate in the professional activities of the Faculty's research laboratories.

Our training offer thus includes three main areas: economic, IT and technical training. Education takes place at several levels, in addition to the bachelor's degree, our training portfolio also includes master's and higher education vocational training. In addition, we also play a role in specialized further training.




We were also at the forefront of introducing the dual training format. During their training, dual students work as interns at companies and economic organizations, so as recent graduates they already have serious professional practice and corporate experience. In addition to those with decades of practical experience, our instructors also include experienced and successful teachers in scientific research. In addition to the compulsory curriculum, regular professional lectures also help to expand the knowledge of our students.




We are among the best in dormitory accommodation. The designed rooms meet today's needs in all respects. Teaching and learning activities are supported by our modern higher education specialist library with high-quality specialist information, collected specialist literature, as well as through the subscription and transmission of remote access information resources. Modern education is supported by a modern IT building, the Infocentre, created in 2010, and in 2019, our study building, which previously housed traditional classrooms, was renovated under the name Innovation and Knowledge Centre, as part of an investment of nearly one billion HUF.




Our campus is located in an extremely beautiful environment, the educational buildings are located among trees and in a grassy park. We are committed to the use of environmentally friendly solutions and sustainability. As part of this, the Green Campus program was implemented, which we are very proud of. Due to the location of Zalaegerszeg and its surroundings, it plays an important role in domestic and international logistics, and is home to many current and future development projects. The city has a vibrant cultural life, where everyone can find the right form of entertainment.


We are confident that we will be able to meet many of our dear visitors who are currently still in the process of choosing a career as students on Campus!