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Those who have a matriculation exam and want a diploma can obtain a bachelor's degree (depending on the field of study, BA - Bachelor of Arts or BSc - Bachelor of Sciences) within the framework of our 7-semester bachelor's degree programs, which provides a higher education and the appropriate professional qualification for the given major. Six of the 7 semesters must be spent at the educational institution, and the seventh must be spent at a chosen internship (at a business organization), where students prepare their thesis (an approximately 60-page written work on a current professional topic) as part of the internship. The training ends with a complex final exam, in the framework of which the graduates give an account of their professional knowledge (this is a similar part of the exam to the oral exam), as well as present and defend their thesis in the framework of a small presentation. The bachelor's degree provides professional knowledge that can be used on the labour market, entitles you to fill a position as defined by law for employment, and significantly increases your employment opportunities. At the same time, it also provides a suitable theoretical foundation for continuing studies in the given field of study in a master's program.




Business Administration and Management

Business Information Technology

Finance and Accounting

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Test Engineering




Faculty of Engineering - Mechatronics Training and Research Institute

The Zalaegerszeg University Centre is developing with similar dynamism in Zalaegerszeg, the most dynamically developing city in the region. The engineering training in Zalaegerszeg has been serving companies in the region with graduates for more than 18 years. In the fall of 2021, we started the dual training already in the ninth grade, the essence of which is that it includes more significant company practical time than ever before, since our students spend just as much time with our corporate partners as they do at the university. Based on the industrial connection system of our training, the domestic and international embeddedness of our teaching and research professionals, and our experience gained during the dual training, we offer our students an engineering education that conveys modern knowledge and contains countless opportunities. During the 2022 admission procedure, in addition to the mechatronics and mechanical engineering bachelor's degrees, we are also announcing the test engineering bachelor's degree as the only one in our country, based on the unique possibilities of the ZalaZone Automotive Test Track. In our dual training courses, our students can acquire the highest quality practical knowledge from more than 40 corporate partners.


The institute currently supervises three majors:

  • bachelor's degree in mechatronics engineering (BSc)
  • bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (BSc)
  • bachelor's degree in test engineering (BSc)

Faculty of Computer Engineering - Department of Information Systems and Applications


The department was established on April 1, 2021 under the professional supervision of the Faculty of Information Technology. The main task of the department is to teach the IT subjects of the majors operating at the Zalaegerszeg University Centre, participate in the implementation of R+D projects coordinated by the Centre, and participate in the professional activities of the Faculty's research laboratories.


The department currently supervises two majors:

  • bachelor's degree in business informatics (BSc)
  • economic informatics higher education vocational training


The main research areas of the department:

  • image processing
  • virtual reality
  • data processing
  • drone technology
  • modelling