University of Pannonia - Zalaegerszeg University Centre




Within the framework of the Environment and Energy Operative Program (KEOP 6.2.0.), the Green Campus Zalaegerszeg model project was realized with an EU subsidy of HUF 143 million.

As a result of the investment, among other things, the department building underwent a complete building energy renovation, as a result of which the thermal and roof insulation, as well as the heating system, were modernized. During the project, the environmental management system was introduced, thanks to which waste production was reduced, and the rainwater utilization system was built, which contributes to the reduction of water consumption on the Campus. Within the framework of the development, organized composting will be developed to utilize the large amount of green waste generated in the nearly 17-hectare area. The resulting humus will be used in the Campus model organic garden. In the two central areas of the Campus, a selective waste collection island was created.




During the complex sustainability program, in addition to the students, teachers and staff of our campus, the residents of Zalaegerszeg and Zala County can learn about developments related to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources and the elements of a sustainable lifestyle with the help of conferences, festivals, contests and the Learning Trail that will be created on the campus. The Green Campus Zalaegerszeg the purpose of the learning trail created in the framework of a model project is to present the elements of a sustainable lifestyle and alternative solutions. The stations of the Green Campus Learning Trail and the content of the information boards were renewed in 2022 - in the area of the campus approx. The 14 stations can be visited with a 400-meter walk, contributing to the formation of an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach.



Because two things are extremely important to us: the future generation and the sustainability of our environment!